By: Hafeez Rahman

5 Things You Should Know Before You Purchase a Home

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If you’re looking for home buying tips in Mississauga, or any other area in the GTA, you have to start with the basics. Buying a home can be a challenging and frustrating process if you’re not prepared. The frustration can reach a boiling point if you run into unexpected costs or challenges along the way. Here are 10 things you should know if you are buying a home. Leave your money ...Read More

By: Hafeez Rahman

Should You Sell Your Home First or Buy a Home First?

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In a perfect world, you would sell your home and buy another one all in the same day; unfortunately this isn’t a perfect world! While a select few can afford to pay two mortgages for a short time, for most of us, it’s out of the question. This brings the age-old question, “do I sell first or buy first?” The answer isn’t all that easy: it depends. And it depends on sev...Read More